Why choose cosmetics with probiotics

Why choose probiotic cosmetics?

The skin is one of the most important organs in our body. It protects us against external aggressions such as UV rays, bacteria and infections. However, many people have skin issues, such as acne, dryness, eczema, and premature aging. This is where probiotic cosmetics come in.

Probiotics are micro-organisms beneficial to health, which help to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. Research has shown that probiotics also have beneficial effects on the skin. They help maintain the skin barrier, which is the skin's first line of defense against external aggressions. By strengthening the skin barrier, probiotics help reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

Cogérie is a brand that has understood the importance of probiotics for the skin. The brand uses pre and probiotic complexes in its products to help strengthen the skin barrier and maintain skin balance. Cogérie products are formulated with the greatest care to meet the highest quality standards. All products contain natural ingredients, such as macadamia oil, shea oil, beeswax and hyaluronic acid.

Cogérie products are designed to meet all skin needs, from intense recovery to intense hydration. Intense Recovery Night Cream is formulated to help regenerate skin overnight, while Recovery Night Cream day Intense Hydration helps moisturize and protect the skin throughout the day. Hyaluronic Concentrate and Collagen Concentrate are anti-aging serums designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cogérie also offers a Purété Éclat facial cleansing foam to gently cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities, as well as a perfection elixir for the eye and lip contour to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

By choosing cosmetics with probiotics like those from the Cogérie brand, you can help maintain the balance of your skin and protect it against external aggressions. Cogérie products are formulated with high quality natural ingredients to offer a completely new cosmetic and sensory experience. Try them today and discover the benefits of probiotics for your skin.

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