The power of probiotics: a revolution for your skincare routine

The power of probiotics for radiant skin

Beauty is more than a surface thing. At Cogérie, we believe that true beauty begins with healthy, balanced skin. And a big part of that balance is probiotics.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics are small living organisms, usually bacteria, that provide significant benefits to our body and skin. They're more commonly associated with gut health, but they have an impact that goes way beyond that. Probiotics help balance beneficial bacteria on our skin, strengthening its natural barrier against external aggressors and helping to promote a glowing, healthy complexion.

Which probiotic for beautiful skin? What are the best natural probiotics?

Cogérie skin care products use probiotics to support and nourish your skin. Our probiotics are carefully selected for their ability to balance and nourish the skin, helping to promote a healthier, more beautiful complexion.

How to restore the microbiota of the skin?

Restoring the skin's microbiota can be accomplished with a skincare routine that includes the use of products containing probiotics. Our products like Intense Hydration Day Cream and Intense Recovery Night Cream are specifically designed to nourish your skin and help maintain its microbiotic balance.

Cogérie my skin is glowing with probiotic skincare

Which probiotics against acne?

Some probiotics can help fight acne by reducing inflammation and rebalancing bacteria on the skin. Our Day Cream and Cleansing Foam are enriched with probiotics specially selected for their beneficial effects on acne-prone skin.

What are the contraindications of probiotics?

Generally, the use of probiotics is safe for most people. However, as with any product, we always recommend doing a patch test on a small area of ​​skin before applying a new product to the entire face.

Are probiotics effective? How do you know if you need probiotics? When do probiotics work?

Probiotics are very effective in helping to maintain and improve skin health. They help balance the skin's microbiota, fight acne, and reduce signs of aging. If you often have dry, irritated skin, or suffer from conditions like acne or rosacea, you might benefit from adding probiotics to your skincare routine. Probiotics usually start working after a few weeks of regular use.


At Cogérie, we combine the benefits of probiotics with the latest biotechnological innovations to create the highest quality skin care. Our products are designed to offer an unprecedented cosmetic and sensory experience, while respecting the natural balance of your skin.

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