The 6 Rules for taking care of your skin

The 6 beauty rules that allow you to reduce impurities, effectively reduce your expression lines, crow's feet or signs of fatigue, promote good skin hydration to fight against premature skin aging.

1. Take care of the eye and lip area

As this area is covered with thinner skin, it is important to pay special attention to it. In order to protect this fragile area, it is necessary to use an appropriate treatment that reduces the effects of stress and daily aggressions on the eye and lip contour.

The perfect treatment to help you is the Elixir Perfection, this eye and lip contour with a natural complex of macadamia oil, shea butter and plant-based Squalane, relieves fatigue and helps fight blemishes. signs of aging.

Specifically designed for fragile areas of the face, it helps protect the fine skin around the eyes and lips from stress and daily aggressions.

Hyaluronic acid is associated in this treatment with the strength of probiotics and rose extracts.

contour yeux

2. Rebuild your skin's barrier function

Because the link between good hydration and youthful skin is essential, sustainably nourishing the skin is one of the main challenges to be met in anti-aging cosmetics... So we intensively hydrate the epidermis which must ensure its barrier function as well as possible to resist external attacks.

To best help you in this mission, we can recommend the best natural moisturizer enriched with probiotics and rose extract: Intense Hydration Day Cream, its high-performance active ingredients from probiotic research AC Yoghurt, Hydrolysate and ACB Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor, combined with the natural complex of three exceptional oils - rose oil - shea oil and macadamia oil, instantly revitalize and protect the skin while providing comfort, softness and well-being.

3. Enjoy the natural benefits of natural nocturnal regeneration

Skin is more sensitive to absorbed cosmetic treatments at night, a regenerating overnight treatment helps reduce the signs of aging on your skin.

In this case, we offer you the Intense Recovery night cream, rich in anti-aging active ingredients, this night cream strengthens the epidermis' natural defense capital for intense recovery during sleep .

It helps fight the signs of aging and promotes night-time rest for the skin. After a day of oxidative stress, the skin is rested and regains its comfort during the night.

4. Improving your Anti-Aging Routine

A few drops and a quick beauty gesture can make the difference because you can optimize your wrinkle care routine... Morning and evening use the Anti-Aging Serum Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate for a intense hydration and regenerating action.

Hyaluronic acid is associated in this treatment with the strength of probiotics and rose extracts to relaunch the anti-aging process

sérum anti-âge

5.Strengthen the mesh of your skin

As you age, your skin loses collagen... this is precisely what "maintains the supporting structure of the walls of the pores and limits their deformation". The skin needs to be tightened in depth.

That's why Collagen Concentrate Anti-Aging Serum is a true concentrate of anti-aging beauty.

Native collagen molecules are known and used for their moisturizing and protective properties for younger, healthier looking skin

6.Protect your skin during the day

Global Anti-Aging Cream-Serum is your ally to protect your skin during the day, multi-use treatment par excellence, this anti-aging cream-serum offers global protection for all skin types. skins.

It is applied as a prevention on young skin and adapts perfectly to mature skin, giving it liveliness and radiance.

Its rich complex of anti-ageing active ingredients ensures comfort, protection and well-being throughout the day.

crème sérum anti-âge

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